Tuesday 6th October 2020

Global Networking Maintenance, scheduled 4 months ago

Upcoming scheduled maintenance notice

Our Engineering team will be deploying a number of updates aiming to reduce bottlenecks that limit network throughput and stability under certain user workloads on our data centers Hypervisors.

We expect this effort to be ongoing from today, October 6, 2020, to October 15, 2020, and will be rolling out incrementally across our fleet.

Expected Impact:

There should be minimal downtime for Pods on each affected hypervisor during the rollout. The expectation is that most users will not observe any impact, though some users with a sustained high-packets-per-second or high-throughput workload will see a small number of dropped packets.

Should users have questions about specific Pods and this maintenance, we ask that they open a Support ticket within their account for assistance. Thank you for your patience throughout this process.